"A Comic Gem... A Show Stopper"
Wayman Wong - NY DAILY NEWS

"Benson is devastating singing a torch song, turning it into an aching heartbreaker."
Bob Harrington - NY POST

"Cindy Benson is an outstanding comedienne and singer, the sort of performer who helps make Broadway musicals the worldwide success they are."
William Ruhlmann - NY CITY TRIBUNE

"Benson's exceptionally well-styled comedy blended with pathos in song makes for an outstanding cabaret event. Bursting onto the stage like a tiny tornado, she takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride of emotional riffs. She has a penchant for physical comedy, easily identified with some of the greats of yesteryear, and rivaled by few of her contemporaries...A gifted interpreter of ballads, nothing short of sensational"
John Hoglund - NY NATIVE

"Energetic ebullience and distinctive star quality, Benson's a ball of fire, and an extraordinary musical comedian to boot. Her physical comedy recalls Lucille Ball at her best... she echoes Imogene Coca. But there is an originality to Benson that makes her very much her own creation."
Bob Harrington - NY POST

"In her one woman show, Cindy Benson is reminiscent of Shirley Maclaine, a musical comedy voice that can pierce to the rafters."
Stephen Holden - NY TIMES

"In Cindy Benson we have an extraordinary talent who is equally at home in a large Broadway theatre and an intimate cabaret."
Robert Goodman - NY WOMAN'S NEWS

"Standouts and surprises were the diminutive Cindy Benson who tore up the house with 'Ridin' High' ".
Gary Walker - THE DESERT SUN - Palm Springs Cabaret Convention

"Cindy Benson takes cabaret's risks to new heights in her show."
Roxane Orgill - THE RECORD

"Cindy Benson is stupendous, and just about knocks the place apart with a little-known number called "My Collection of Pets." What presence! What Class!"

"Standouts and surprises were the diminutive Cindy Benson who tore up the house with 'Ridin' High' ".
Gary Walker - THE DESERT SUN - Palm Springs Cabaret Convention

"Perky talent is the likes of Benson. This vibrant performer who looks like a young Anne Baxter, can come on sassy as Ethel Merman yet can draw upon a considerable wistfulness when the occasion demands. Her "Down In The Depths" is usually sung as a lament. Benson kids it, toys with it, employing a guttural-gargly tone at times. It works!"

"The performers, who play multiple roles, are uniformly superb in the Ridiculous Theater mode. Particularly impressive was Cindy Benson"
Stephen Holden - The New York Times

The Colony Theatre's - A… My Name Is Alice

"Zany comedian Cindy Benson scores!"
Neal Weaver - LA WEEKLY

"There are few comediennes more mirthful than rubber-faced Cindy Benson, a cross between Lucille Ball and Martha Raye, who's always a welcome presence in local cabaret and theatre offerings."

The Colony Theatre's - The Man Who Came To Dinner

"Cindy Benson is memorable as Sheridan's long suffering Nurse Preen." Philip Brandes - Los Angeles Times

"The supporting cast shines especially Cindy Benson as the meek, terrified Nurse Preen."

Theatre Neo's- Love in the First Degree
, Hudson Theatre, Los Angeles

"Lauren Cloud gives her performers a long leash - a wise move, especially given Benson's considerable gifts as a physical comedian."
Paul B. Cohen - LA WEEKLY

"Cindy Benson, in a hilarious comic turn recalls the inspired clowning of Imogene Coca." Les Spindle - FRONTIERS NEWSMAGAZINE

"Love in the First Degree takes first place for sheer comedic impact, thanks mainly to the inspired antics of its divinely paired actors. Cindy Benson as a deliciously demented dame has an india-rubber face and small, bouncing-ball body, both capable of incredible contortions; think John Cleese"
Polly Warfield - BACKSTAGE WEST



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