The international art magazine, World Art Celebrities Journal, published in Paris, took a poll of over 200,000 musical theatre fans and asked them to vote for their favorite contemporary American cabaret, musical theatre, recital & torch singer and Cindy Benson came up in the TOP 25.

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Dear Ms. Benson:

We have a lot of respect for you. Did you know that you are extremely FAMOUS in Paris? The French audiences love you. We hope that your performance will immmmmmortalize LES MISERABLES.
Valerie Constand, Paris,
By Maximillien de La Croix de Lafayette
- World Arts Celebrities Journal

PARIS- Cindy is blessed with a talent and a personality that shine and captivate the mind, the soul and the heart in the summer and in the winter, on the top of the hill and at the shadows of the mountain, on an imposing Broadway stage and in an intimate cabaret setting, in other words, this most magnificent artist shines wherever she goes and in any act she performs, regardless of any production and stage size and scope. She mesmerizes the audience, she teases them, she challenges them, she make them laugh, she explodes them in laughter, and spread around them beauty, romance, hope, joy and life because she is bigger than life!

Dear Cindy,

We thought your show was marvelous. We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your performance tonight at the Joslyn Center in Palm Desert. You are one heck of an entertainer/performer.

Thank you,

Michael & Merrilee Gallo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dear Cindy,

First, let me say what a pleasure it was meeting you and hearing you sing. Second, let me say that I have just listened to your CD "Out On a Whim" and I am, as the cliché goes, on air! The program is wonderful and your wonderful persona comes through brilliantly. Having seen you do some of the numbers, listening is even more pleasurable because I can visualize your presentation. Thanks again for making such a wonderful CD.


Richard Miley
Dear Cindy,

My name is Alessandro Martini. A few days ago I bought your CD. I'm writing to you just to tell you how much I loved it! It's simply wonderful! I totally loved all the tracks. I'm a big fan of Kurt Weill and I really enjoy your rendition of Mr. Right. I consider it as wonderful as the one recorded by the great Dorothy Loudon! :) And what can I say about pets??? Well, you sang it with such gusto! You made it really a masterpiece! I do really hope that you will record another CD soon!

Thank you once again for your voice!

Alessandro Martini

Saw you last night at the Rubicon doing Songs for a New World and it was a joy to behold especially for these 75 year old eyes & ears. Hope you will be doing a one women show soon.

Iris Schulman

My friend and I had the pleasure of attending your performance "Songs for a New World", at the Rubicon Theatre. Our thanks to you and your fine cast for an awesome performance. We thought you were particularly outstanding and thank you for the talent, the energy you brought to the performance, and for a great afternoon.

Jody Foster and Joan Larsen

Dear Cindy,

I recently had the pleasure to see your show at the Kings Point Palace Theatre. I just got out of the hospital and this was my first night out. I enjoyed your show so much I forgot about all my pain. For a short period of time I was happy and even smiled. I would like to thank you for giving me a decent night out. Being on a small VA pension I cannot afford your CD, but will save up for it and get it soon. I look forward to seeing you again very soon. How did such a beautiful loud voice come out of such a small person?

Herbert Schaefer
Tamarack, FL


Dear Ms. Benson,

I saw you when you came to Atlanta, Ga last fall to perform in Les Miserables. I am now fifteen years old and Les Miserables is one of my top three favorite shows. The cast was incredible. I know it's been a year and it's a little late to be saying this but you were amazing. You and Michael Kostroff played so well off of each other and to see the woman who played the original Broadway Mme. Thénardier was so much fun. Thank you so much!



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