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CINDY BENSON as Agnes Gooch in MAME
Directed by Barry Ivan
The North Shore Music Theatre

"Cindy Benson steals the show…" Richard Dyer - The Boston Globe

"Cindy Benson should be indicted for Grand Theft: Scenes…"
Rich Fahey - The Daily Item

"Cindy Benson brings down the house as repressed nanny Agnes Gooch. Benson's outrageous physical comedy, adorably squinty face and versatile singing voice soon have the audience at her feet. Her bowlegged, myopic stagger down a staircase after being glammed up in a red sparkly gown is the comedic high point of act two. Returning later as an extremely pregnant and somewhat bewildered "fallen woman", Benson continues to dazzle the audience, receiving an enthusiastic standing ovation when she makes her curtain call…"
Sally Applegate - Beverly Citizen

"As for Benson, she is terrific from start to finish, and her singing Gooch's Song solo makes for far and away the best and most delightful Miss Gooch that this reviewer has ever seen…"
Paul W. McMahon - Bay Windows

"Supporting star Cindy Benson was the real star and obvious audience favorite. As meek, mild, God-fearing, loyal Agnes Gooch, Benson is perfectly cast. She has the look, moves and voice, and plays her part to the hilt. Her number "Gooch's Song" is a showstopper…"
The Winthrop Sun Transcript

"With Benson's comedic touch, she steals every scene she's in, taking the play to another level, she provides so many belly laughs. The audience starts to giggle every time she simply reappears onstage. With that she turns a good musical with a few laughs into a fantastic musical-comedy…"
Will Courtney - The Salem News



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